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Normal folk tend to consider writing a blog just as their habit…er…maybe I mean hobby begins to require a ritualistic routine. Said blog then becomes a labour-of-love and then we get into the whole what came first loop routine. Yada yada yada.

Blackened Skull has the opposite origin. I’m in a state of flux where I’ve just taken some time away from Twitter and no serious gaming is currently going on. So yes I’ve started a blog at a low ebb deliberately, it would seem.

Like many others, my previous blogs have ridden on the crest of a wave. That crest being motivation from a favourable gaming experience or whatnot. But crests have to come crashing down if they are to keep moving forward. Sustaining interest when there is no crest to ride has been very hard on the longevity of all the blogs I’ve produced.

My blog experience shouldn’t have to be so self-aware that nothing other than a slump and crash can be seen on the horizon. Nope, I’ve decided to be a little bit wiser and start writing ‘pre-crest’. A start where hype hasn’t taken hold and I’m not just waiting for is the cold reality of disappointment to head my way. So welcome…

…and devs?

Your game bores me, so what cha doing about it?

Written by David Osbon

August 30, 2012 at 12:18 am

Posted in Blogging, Videogames

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