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Back in 2010 I had an interview at the MCV offices for the very same position that Lauren Wainwright holds there – Staff Writer. On that occasion I lost out to the fine chap, Dominic Sacco. At the time I was gutted but I knew the reasons why I didn’t get the position. Dom was a far better candidate.

It’s sad to read these words from Pete’s excellent post but it does highlight what needs to be highlighted. It is also a reminder to me that maybe I had a lucky escape NOT joining MCV and that I do now know that mainstream ‘journalism’ is not for me.


I'm Not Doctor Who

Boy, it all kicked off earlier. Again.

For those who missed the whole shebang, basically, this is the flow of events over the last two days to the best of my knowledge.


  • Twitter “debate” erupts over whether or not it was ethical for UK games journalists attending the annual “Games Media Awards” ceremony to be tweeting promotional hashtags in the hope of winning a PS3.
  • Winners of said competition name-checked by several Twitter users.
  • Several of said winners speak up and say they are giving away their PS3s.
  • Eurogamer publishes this article by Robert Florence (now recreated on GAF because the Eurogamer-hosted one has been edited) in which he notes that journalists defending such a competition could be seen as corrupt. He quotes tweets from several public sources (mostly Twitter) in said article.
  • MCV staff writer Lauren Wainwright, who was originally quoted in Florence’s article, posts on Facebook “Yes, I’ve…

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Written by David Osbon

October 26, 2012 at 4:14 pm

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