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I went with my gut on this one. I’ve enjoyed blogging this time round so much that I went and took up the option to own my domain name with the purpose of installing and hosting WordPress. I got a good deal on a three-year term, I have a graphic designer working on a logo design etc and am looking forward to developing my knowledge further of CSS.

So what does that mean to this blog? I had intended to transfer these very posts over to the new self-hosted site but I have now decided to leave this version of Blackened Skull as is. IF things don’t work out at the new site then I can return here.

The new Blackened Skull will have a much better vision of what I want; a great theme that I’ve had input into, an artistic theme, fuller and better worked post ideas. Once I’m happy to announce the new site URL, I’ll post a further post here with the link.

Thanks for your support. Please keep reading!

Written by David Osbon

November 7, 2012 at 11:34 am

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