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Losing multiplayer

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A little trend seems to be developing with next years videogame title releases. With Bioshock Infinite looking likely now not to have a multiplayer option, 4A Games have confirmed that Metro: Last Light will now not have multiplayer.

The link above to a Q&A with 4A Games reveals something which I’m beginning to believe is very centric to the videogame development process;

Q: How much better would the single player campaign have been if you’d just focused on that right from the start?

A: Fortunately, we never dedicated too many resources to the MP component beyond prototyping – it never entered full production. By making the decision when we did, we think the single player campaign will benefit as a result.

By allowing a multiplayer option, game developers are likely allowing the single-player experience to suffer. Videogames are at their best when the worlds they create don’t fall apart under the duress that multiplayer can put upon them. I believe that dev teams need to be clear from the outset what they want to create. Either a single-player experience with a fully realised world or look to create something new that isn’t a pastiche something that I believe the current state of multiplayer is now.

Written by David Osbon

October 22, 2012 at 10:01 pm

The legacy of Bioshock

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Bioshock was the game that introduced me to the current generation of gaming consoles. I professed in an earlier post that it has left the most lasting memories of any game I have played since. My conclusions have been drawn since that a developed game that has a sole single-player experience will be a far more defined and wholesome experience.

I for one am hoping that the rumours that the multiplayer modes will not surface in next years Bioshock Infinite are true. The new trailer above features all in-game footage and shows possible how difficult it would be to bolt-in a multiplayer element to such a dramatic and almost chaotic looking game. Bioshock was an excellently delivered game where Bioshock 2 – with its multiplayer mode – was a little feeble.

What say you? Do you think devs get side-tracked into multiplayer to the detriment of the single-player campaign and gameplay?

Written by David Osbon

October 21, 2012 at 3:38 pm

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