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Environmental damage?

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I love a game world that allows interaction beyond opening a door or turning a handle. Lovely detailed cut-scenes and a well-told story are one thing but stale, generic interactions that matter little to the way a game is played always tend to be a turn-off for me.

If we look at a game like Borderlands, it has a total number of 17,750,000¹ guns that a player can possibly find and use. That’s a vast arsenal and one that I’ll never see in total but it’s there waiting. The sequel is due to have even more weaponry but I don’t discount the other props that can be handled or manipulated in-game. Even if the interaction is muted it is far better to have the hacks and audio diaries of a game like Bioshock than the static dull world of Call of Duty.

How developers re-imagine the interaction between game character and game world and what props to include in that interaction will determine if I enjoy spending my time within that world. While watching a gameplay video of Borderlands 2 with Randy Pitchford, a comment was made about damage a player’s character takes from falling. The consensus was that where would be the fun in fall-damage? If it allows the player more freedom of movement within the game then that is a good thing. I tend to agree with this point. If rules of gravity or natural law can be bent or broken in a way that fits the game world then developers shouldn’t be afraid to go with it. Games development should have the scope to look at the world differently and not have to represent a chronicle of historical conflicts as entertainment.

So how do you see it? Would you rather have more worlds like Call of Duty Halo or would you prefer developers take a few more risks with how they approach game worlds and the opportunities of player interaction with those worlds?

¹ Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2012 pg.43

Written by David Osbon

September 15, 2012 at 11:54 am

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