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Early Dunwall

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When I recently posted about being a traditional gamer I had hopes that Dishonored would give me the scope to be that gamer again. Let me explain a little more what I class as traditional gaming and why I allude to being that type of gamer.

I prefer the single-player only experience. When I look at a prospective game purchase and see that the development team have opted for Co-Op and/or multiplayer that’s when I get nervous. I believe the SP element of a game gets sold-short once a multiplayer option is introduced. Gameplay within SP seems to always lose out to the longevity of including MP or Co-Op. Having a structured, linear but also a bold world is how I consider good traditional gaming to be.

So going back to Dishonored where, in my short time in Dunwall, I have played through the opening stages in both high and low chaos. I have to say I enjoy the sneaking and less-lethal way that is low chaos to the full on rampage that is high chaos.

The interaction with the world is good and the early quests introduce important allies that will aid you, as Corvo, by finding Lady Emily. Piero Joplin, an NPC who invents your weapons and upgrades, is excellently voiced by Brad Dourif and is my current fave NPC with Granny Rags a close second.

Dishonored has had a few nice touches and surprises already and the game has been shown love by Arkane Studios. Art direction is superbly imagined and it’s no-wonder why really when you have Viktor Antonov involved.

More to come as I get further in. How’s it been for you?

Written by David Osbon

October 15, 2012 at 11:24 pm

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