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Olivia Dunham makes it hard to care

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I maybe way behind the crowd but I am now at the halfway point in the first season of Fringe. It’s been tough going but I hear that the later seasons do get better? My main concern is the central character, Olivia Dunham. Anna Torv does portray her well but after 10 episodes I just not feeling any connection to her. She is very dead-pan in her approach which could be deliberate placed as a character trait. Maybe those early traumas Olivia had to go through at the start of show have taken the warmth from her soul. It would also explain the cold-shoulder she excels at since those early episodes.

Those of you who have watched way more Fringe than I, tell me what do you think of Olivia and her portrayal by Anna Torv? I need a connection to the main character to any movie or TV drama but will she remain an ice-queen or will she warm me up on the cold autumn nights ahead?

Written by David Osbon

October 5, 2012 at 10:00 am

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