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Quote of the day #3

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My blood’s type B, which means I can be irritable and impetuous, and my intentions don’t always come across.

(Minister for Reconstruction Ryu Matsumoto)

I belong to the A blood type group so I’d be a good asset in Japan.


Written by David Osbon

November 5, 2012 at 11:07 pm

In the moment

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Had a brief few thoughts on one of the topics that I hadn’t yet attempted to write about. That topic being, ‘How do games approach the issue of ‘ageing’?’

Most linear gaming models aren’t equipped to pay real attention to the effects of ageing of playable characters within that gaming world. The player is usually contained within the moment even if the narrative describes a passing of time. We don’t normally see time take its toll on the ‘heroes’ we play even if many years have passed between cut-scenes.

Assassin’s Creed III spans 30 years of Connor’s life from the period of 1753 to 1783. I’m hoping that other than the superficial look of the character, I’ll get to see some meaningful maturing and depth of the Connor character.

Scars that don’t heal. Now that’s something I’d like to see worked into a game narrative much, much more. I know by their nature videogames tolerate violent actions to the point of banality. But I’m far more interested in the mental scars that characters could carry. Where previous actions should bear down on perception of present events and age is depth of character and not just adding some facial hair and a drinking habit.

Written by David Osbon

November 5, 2012 at 12:04 am

At the Beggar’s Opera

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I’ll try not to post spoilers in this or future posts about AC3.

The first hours into Assassin’s Creed III are all about setting the scene before getting to sequence 4 and the first look at Connor. It feels a very long intro to the meat of the game and there’s hand-holding aplenty so that the new control layout sinks in.

It doesn’t bother me that I have to sit through this slower pace and I thought the game had a bright opening at the Beggar’s Opera. Then it seemed some of the writing strength went from out of the games sails. Now looking back it’s easy to think that this was a deliberate plan to get you to the closing of sequence 3. You’ll be believing one thing only for it to be turned on its head completely.

Written by David Osbon

November 2, 2012 at 12:18 pm

Movember day 1

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Not much to report just yet. I had my last full face shave was last night and now it’s onwards to Movember and funky facial hair. I’ll do a few updates throughout the month and I hope I can stay the course.

Please donate what you can.


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November 1, 2012 at 9:50 pm

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Quote of the day #2

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For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next. It’s now time for me to pass Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers. I’ve always believed that Star Wars could live beyond me, and I thought it was important to set up the transition during my lifetime. I’m confident that with Lucasfilm under the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy, and having a new home within the Disney organization, Star Wars will certainly live on and flourish for many generations to come. Disney’s reach and experience give Lucasfilm the opportunity to blaze new trails in film, television, interactive media, theme parks, live entertainment, and consumer products.

(George Lucas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lucasfilm)

I’m glad for one that George is sticking to his word and not making, at least directly, any further Star Wars movies. Disney is an excellent choice to take over Lucasfilm based on their recent track record with Pixar and Marvel.

Other than what others had said, I for one would expect Disney to raise the look of the Star Wars movie franchise. To me that means far less Chroma Key and far more location-based filming. I think Lucas went way overboard in his use of this just to get the recent trilogy(episodes I-III) made quickly. I also believe that Disney do CGI better than anyone else which can’t be bad for the franchise.

I hope that Disney will give the generation that grew up with the original trilogy something to cheer. I remember how awe-inspired I was seeing my first Star Wars back in 1977 and Disney could do well by remembering those adults that still enjoy those original three movies.

Written by David Osbon

October 31, 2012 at 9:14 am

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