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Low chaos thoughts on Dishonored

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For a game that I nearly passed on, Dishonored has given me a good innings. It runs a close second to the game I consider the best of this year so far. If I had felt a little more attachment to the game-world and Corvo – I hate mute lead characters – then it would have been on par.

Saying that 2012 has been a patchy gaming year for me. Dishonored is the first full game I’ve completed since Mass Effect 2 back in March. So that says something for how well the game was developed. Other than the ‘Blink’ ability that has Corvo manoeuvre the world like a cat after catnip, the other standout feature was the way NPCs would be dynamic to how you approached them. I found the dialogue of those one-sided conversations excellent but would have been far more enriching if Corvo had a speaking role.

Low Chaos then. It did seem the obvious choice really. That’s not to say I ran away or hid from every situation. I found Low Chaos more in keeping with the way I like to play but when things did go wrong I rolled with it. If you employ that type of play-through yourself just make sure you remember to save your game and save it often!

Next up is AC3…

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October 30, 2012 at 9:49 pm

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Devil in the details

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As well as enjoying the time I have spent blogging – I started either in 2006 or 2008 – I also appreciate a good post from the number of bloggers I still read. From the bloggers I read there are not many that do the type of post I enjoy the most. That is the blog-reflective type.

One such blogger who has just celebrated six years of blogging, writes a monthly review of his blog without fail. Wilhelm of The Ancient Gaming Noob blog is an out-and-out MMO gamer but I still enjoy the posts where he reflects on what his blog has attracted and what he’s written over the years.

In earlier blogging incantations, I too have attempted something similar. Being as this blog now looks settled I’m looking to revive this type of post here. These posts will be titled, ‘Devil in the details for…’ so if this kind of post does nothing for you, please feel free to skip those.

So let me begin…

57 Days since the blog began

29 – Posts made since the blog began

32 – Comments made

91Post likes*

21 – Followers**

A nice start for the first 50-odd days of blogging. Better probably than any of my aborted recent attempts. I’ve taken far more to what I want from blogging which has been helped by my move away from using Google reader as my main feed reader. I now use the WordPress reader which is far more useful.

*This really highlights the work WordPress are pressing on with to create that community feel. By posting under their Weekly Photo Challenge it opened up my blog to readers I may never have found by my words alone. I got many ‘likes’ but rather little in the way of comment on this post. But I do like the WordPress ‘like’ far, far more than say the FaceBook variety.

**Not really surprising that I got my most ‘Followers’ on the day I began Blackened Skull. The blog has a little under 2 months of life and so I don’t expect to see a better day for follows just yet.

The one other item I’ll mention in closing is the most-read post so far. I took advantage of a breaking news item in the media to discuss my upbringing in Claygate a little. The post was picked up by a FaceBook and Twitter account for Claygate shopping which lead to a surge in views. My reasons for posting during this time was to try to highlight that nothing ever use to happen in Claygate and how safe it felt growing up there. The 25 years growing up in this village went a long way to making me who I am today.

During the last week of November I will post my reflections on that past month with a little more detail than this introduction. I will hopefully keep the current post rate up but I’ll only do so if I can increase the quality of content along the way.

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October 27, 2012 at 4:45 pm

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Back in 2010 I had an interview at the MCV offices for the very same position that Lauren Wainwright holds there – Staff Writer. On that occasion I lost out to the fine chap, Dominic Sacco. At the time I was gutted but I knew the reasons why I didn’t get the position. Dom was a far better candidate.

It’s sad to read these words from Pete’s excellent post but it does highlight what needs to be highlighted. It is also a reminder to me that maybe I had a lucky escape NOT joining MCV and that I do now know that mainstream ‘journalism’ is not for me.


I'm Not Doctor Who

Boy, it all kicked off earlier. Again.

For those who missed the whole shebang, basically, this is the flow of events over the last two days to the best of my knowledge.


  • Twitter “debate” erupts over whether or not it was ethical for UK games journalists attending the annual “Games Media Awards” ceremony to be tweeting promotional hashtags in the hope of winning a PS3.
  • Winners of said competition name-checked by several Twitter users.
  • Several of said winners speak up and say they are giving away their PS3s.
  • Eurogamer publishes this article by Robert Florence (now recreated on GAF because the Eurogamer-hosted one has been edited) in which he notes that journalists defending such a competition could be seen as corrupt. He quotes tweets from several public sources (mostly Twitter) in said article.
  • MCV staff writer Lauren Wainwright, who was originally quoted in Florence’s article, posts on Facebook “Yes, I’ve…

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October 26, 2012 at 4:14 pm

Quote of the day #1

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Many multiplayer games can be paradoxically isolating, so ideally the goal would be to play more games in the same room as the people I’m playing against. LAN parties, console co-op games, whatever it takes, make multiplayer personal.

(Ben Milton – the Gaming Diet)

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October 23, 2012 at 8:57 pm

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Losing multiplayer

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A little trend seems to be developing with next years videogame title releases. With Bioshock Infinite looking likely now not to have a multiplayer option, 4A Games have confirmed that Metro: Last Light will now not have multiplayer.

The link above to a Q&A with 4A Games reveals something which I’m beginning to believe is very centric to the videogame development process;

Q: How much better would the single player campaign have been if you’d just focused on that right from the start?

A: Fortunately, we never dedicated too many resources to the MP component beyond prototyping – it never entered full production. By making the decision when we did, we think the single player campaign will benefit as a result.

By allowing a multiplayer option, game developers are likely allowing the single-player experience to suffer. Videogames are at their best when the worlds they create don’t fall apart under the duress that multiplayer can put upon them. I believe that dev teams need to be clear from the outset what they want to create. Either a single-player experience with a fully realised world or look to create something new that isn’t a pastiche something that I believe the current state of multiplayer is now.

Written by David Osbon

October 22, 2012 at 10:01 pm

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